Sunday, February 13, 2011

Smart Balance

That fine balance I call life is suddenly neither fine nor balanced. After several night of interrupted sleep I finally submitted my internship applications so now I can focus on my other work. As I write this I am also working on a treatment plan for a case study (I'm recommending my patient consider adding phytosterols to his diet to lower his cholesterol), prepping for the actual patient I will see in the clinic tomorrow morning, paying my bills, catching up on emails, preparing a presentation on weight loss supplements and applying for a scholarship. It has been two weeks since I practiced yoga, one week since I went to the gym, three days since I went for a run and a mere five minutes since my last piece of chocolate. I am firm believer in hard work, in realizing potential, but also in compassion and self-care. After six weeks of the former it is time to indulge in the latter.

Why am I writing about this now? A week alone there's so much other exciting news? Diet soda linked to stroke! Michelle Obama serves kielbasa at the White House Superbowl Party! Seattle has a new organic drive thru grocery store! My answer would be that while these are all thrilling tidbits of information, I felt more of a need to write about something that has recently come up for me repeatedly: I believe in health and wellness but belief does not automatically create health and wellness. Like standing poses in yoga - the minute you congratulate yourself for finding balance, you lose it. And I have certainly lost it.

For the past few weeks I've been in work mode every single day without a break. One afternoon, drained after seeing patients I went to the acupuncture department and begged them to zap me with some energy (they did). Having burnt out last time I was in grad school I can recognize the red flags - lack of exercise, sleep and time with friends, too much work, chocolate and takeout. And I write about this now because tomorrow I will see patients who are struggling with weight, high cholesterol or high blood pressure and they will tell me that they're too busy to prep breakfast or bring their lunch or cook dinner or exercise and I will nod in complete understanding. And I will help them troubleshoot and redistribute their time and resources to improve their diet and lifestyle and well-being. I will try to convince them the importance of self care, the ability we have to make decisions to positively impact our health. And if I don't believe what I'm saying they'll see right through me. And so in preparation for Valentine's Day, a day dedicated to love and appreciation, I will forego anymore chocolate, pencil in a yoga class to my schedule and show some self love by going to sleep before 11pm.

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  1. I hope you accomplished what you set out to do and took some time for we know well, its a lifelong balancing act and there will always be times that you fall off the balance beam...