About the blog

This American Locovore began as a homework assignment while I was in graduate school. Working on my master's in nutrition, I took an elective course on food writing that required regular blogging. The title and theme were hatched over dinner at an overpriced vegan restaurant in Seattle while on a second date with the wonderful man I later married.

As a lifelong lover of critical approaches to society and culture, I began my post-secondary education with a bachelor's in Film Studies and Jewish Studies from Queens College of the City University of New York.  I then went on to complete a master's in Cinema Studies from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with aspirations of writing and teaching. But health and happenstance led me to study nutrition in the Northwest and in 2011 I completed a master's of science in Nutrition at Bastyr University, a school of natural medicine in Kenmore, WA. I still plan to write and teach and to provide nutrition counseling services as well.

This blog originated with the narrow focus on the meshuggeneh (and humorous) eating practices of a small, health-obsessed population but has evolved into a much broader forum for exposing and exploring the crazy ways in which ideas, policies and practices surrounding food and nutrition have become all-consuming.