Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back to the Bubble

Last week was back to school week for me. Time away from the "Bastyr Bubble" was much needed but it's great to be back in a place that gives me constant food for thought, not to mention amusing blogworthy fodder. Here are some of the things that have entertained me this week and some of the reasons I'm happy to be back on campus:

1. Chard cards, our clever new school ID and cash cards. If you don't know what chard is, well, you probably don't go to Bastyr.
2. Neuro drinks. Someone left an empty bottle of this laying around in the hallway and I had to find out more. Turns out it's a line of functional energy drinks that supposedly enhance sexual health, mental health, and aid with sleep, weight loss and depression. I did read a review of these drinks that touted some real effects, which honestly seemed like reason for concern. But the effects seem to be short-lived: just long enough for you to develop an unhealthy addiction to these sweetened drinks. I guess the real issue is this - you want to make sure not to mistakenly drink a bottle of NeuroGasm instead of NeuroSonic before a big exam. (I strongly recommend spending some time on their website for some amusing videos.)
3. Lunchtime garden sales. My school has a magnificent garden that grows medicinal herbs and vegetables. Many of the herbs are used in botanical medicine and cooking classes. Some of the produce is donated to a local food bank, while some is sold during lunch. Coming home with bright green collard greens is better than just coming home with a whole lot of homework.

4. Food for Fines. Before the summer I took out Oliver Sack's The Man Who Mistook His Wife for A Hat from the school library. Then I traveled and forgot to return it for quite some time. I found a notice from the library in my box letting me know that I can pay off my overdue fines by bringing in non-perishable food items to be donated.

5. Class! I am very excited to be taking some really cool classes this quarter, including Contemporary Nutrition: Global/Ecological Aspects, a fascinating class that I think may steer this blog in another direction, and The Art of Eating, a joyful class about the life and work of M.F.K. Fisher, a renowned food writer. In a few weeks I may change my tune, but that would likely be under the duress of a heavy workload. In the meantime I will celebrate the intellectual stimulation that this quarter promises to deliver.