Sunday, July 11, 2010

Overheard in NY

Last week I was attending a lecture and lunch at my old place of employment. A friend and former colleague would be addressing a group of teachers in a training session to discuss the genocide in Bosnia, appropriately timed just days before the anniversary of the Srebrenica Massacre. An impressively healthy lunch was provided to the attendees - various vegetarian paninis, wraps and a large Greek salad with water and tea and coffee as well. As soon as lunch was served one well-dressed, attractive woman reached into her purse and took out a Ziploc baggie with a sad looking sandwich. Between the two pieces of white bread I could clearly see some type of deli meat (ham? bologna?) and a bright orange cheese (American?). She finished the sandwich quickly and when the others sat down next to her to eat lunch they prodded her - aren't you having lunch today? She replied, "my scale has been tipping too heavy lately and I think it's time to cut back and start a diet." I had to actively restrain myself from shaking some sense into her. If I had allowed my inner food snob to vent I might have said something like this: "If you really want to lose weight and look better, perhaps you should consider cutting out the white bread and deli meat, and processed cheese and adding some vegetables and fruit and whole grains into your diet. And maybe take notice that the lunch being provided is actually better for you than the one you've brought from home!" Instead I took my cue from one of my favorite sites, Overheard in NY, the online equivalent of point and laugh.


  1. We should all learn to restrain ourselves a little more....I applaud you!

  2. Thanks, but I should really be restraining myself from judging so harshly. Maybe I should run a teacher training for how to eat well/model healthy eating to students. Hmm...